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Animal Bedding


Our Hemp Animal Bedding is primarily used for horses and smaller caged animals. Our product is simliar to wood chips or wood shavings, however hemp bedding is proving to have significant benefits in comparison with wood bedding products.

Our process separates the hurd and fibre particles to specified degrees depending on preference. The final product is primarily hemp herd chips with a small fibre and fine particulate components.

Preliminary comparison trials have shown the following benefits.*

- Extremely absorbant, therefore needing to use significantly less hemp product then wood product

- Most animals are not interested in eating the product

- Easy to handle

- Reduces odors

- Economical

Product Summary:

Hemp Animal Bedding is primarily hurd product with some short fibres

Currently available in large totes (supersacks/mini bulk bags) of approximately 500 lbs.

There is a refundable deposit required for totes, unless you supply your own.

FOB the Emerson Hemp Distribution Company Plant - Emerson, MB

Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Phone: (204) 373-2827

*Preliminary trials for equine bedding have been conducted by Pine Ridge Equine Park


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